I am an independent researcher, facilitator, advocate and social entrepreneur-in-the-making passionate about creating a more equitable international development sector.

I research the changing dynamics of the system, with a particular focus on how Northern donors and INGOs transition from aid relationships to development partnerships.

I facilitate discussions between diverse groups of stakeholders from both the global South and North. I’m trained in participatory facilitation techniques including Group Facilitation Methods and Open Space Technology. 

I advocate for greater equity in the international development sector, with a particular focus on the intersection between racial and gender equity, taking into account power imbalances between North and South resulting from complex historical and neo-colonial dynamics. 

I founded The Equity Index, a UK-based social enterprise that focuses on fostering equitable policies, practices and partnerships across all types of development organisations.


My thoughts

A blog exploring power dynamics in international development


My Vision & Mission

Vision: What is the change I want to see? 

I envision an international development order in which equitable collaboration, not imposition, is the norm. I envision a system in which power is equitably distributed, where Southern actors have full agency and control over decisions that affect their lives.

Mission: What is my part in bringing about this change?

  • I will act as bridge-builder and broker between the Global South and North, promoting constructive dialogue and mutual exchanges of learning and experiences.

  • I will use my voice and privilege to put issues of power imbalances, neo-colonialism, racism and sexism higher on the global agenda, and work to ensure they are taken seriously by Northern actors.


My background

Born in South Africa after my parents emigrated from Mozambique, I grew up between Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, completing my studies in the US and UK. I therefore have no easy answer to the question ‘Where are you from?', a fact I've come to embrace over time. I have worked in the international development sector for almost 10 years with or for a wide range of organisations, including Northern donors, international NGOs, grassroots movements, consultancy organisations, and research actors.   

Click here for my full CV. 


My Offering

Rigorous qualitative research


Portfolio and programme reviews, Case Studies, Literature Reviews, Systematic Reviews, and Social Network Mapping

Group facilitation


For small or large groups, using bespoke participatory methods.

Strategic advisory services

Meeting Space

Evidence-based guidance on planning for donor and NGO exits & transitions


My details

Do get in touch if you want to discuss potential opportunities.

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