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I am an independent researcher, facilitator and advocate passionate about contributing to an international system in which power, resources and knowledge are equitably distributed and created.  

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My mission

I aspire to serve as a reform-oriented critic in the sector by using my voice and privilege to put issues of racism, sexism, inequities, and neo-colonialism at the top of the global agenda.  

I will act as a connector, promoting mutual exchanges of learning and experiences between individuals and institutions from the Global South and North.

I will support Northern actors to responsibly transition and shift their power, funding and operations to Southern institutions and individuals.

I strive to uphold both personal and professional anti-racist commitments in several areas, including in my learning, research, purchases and clientele. I am happy to discuss these further.

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My background

Born in South Africa after my parents emigrated from Mozambique, I grew up between Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, completing my studies in the US and UK. I therefore have no easy answer to the question ‘Where are you from?', a fact I've come to embrace over time.

I have worked as a researcher and manager in the international development sector for over 11 years with or for a wide range of organisations, including grassroots movements, Northern donors, international and national NGOs, consultancy organisations, and research actors.

In 2019 I co-founded The Equity Index with Lorriann Robinson. We are a social enterprise dedicated to advocating a more equitable international sector in the UK. 

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My services

Equitably designed & delivered qualitative research

Two Pens on Notebook

This includes:
- Design of equitable research processes & programmes 
- Portfolio and programme reviews
- In-depth or short case studies
- Literature reviews
- Systematic evidence reviews
- Social Network Mapping

Participatory group facilitation


This includes:
- In-person or virtual sessions (with interactive tools such as Miro)
- Small or large groups 
- Recognised participatory methods, including Group Facilitation Methods and Open Space Technology
- Bespoke participatory methods, co-designed with your specific needs in mind

Equity-focused advisory services

Flooring Consultation

This includes:
- Support on creating approaches and indicators to measure equity in partnerships, funding and grant-making and programme implemention
- Evidence-based guidance on planning for responsible and equitable donor and NGO exits & transitions

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My thoughts

A blog exploring power dynamics in international development

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My details

Do get in touch if you want to discuss potential opportunities.

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